Lifting the Lid on Lobbying – Towards Transparency, Integrity and Equality of Lobbying in Bulgaria

Lifting the Lid on Lobbying in Bulgaria


6 February 2015

Transparency is crucial if there is any chance of public trust in politics being restored. Transparency of lobbying practices allows the public to have sufficient knowledge of (a) who is lobbying public representatives (b) on what issues they are being lobbied (c) when and how they are being lobbied (d) how much is being spent in the process (e) what is the result of these lobbying efforts.
Furthermore, it is important that the onus for transparency is placed on both the lobbyist and the public official/representative.
The right of participation is a cornerstone of the democratic process. And lobbying is one avenue for interest groups to be involved in the decisions that may affect them. Public policies however need to be balanced, effective, rational and to reflect the broader public interest. This requires transparency and public access to the decision-making and policy-making processes.


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