Lifting the Lid on Lobbying – Towards Transparency, Integrity and Equality of Lobbying in Bulgaria

Lifting the Lid on Lobbying in Bulgaria


OECD Integrity Week this March

23 March 2015

The OECD and the CleanGovBiz Initiative organise annually an Integrity Week at the OECD Headquarters to actively support governments and organisations to strengthen integrity, build trust, and fight corruption.

On this occasion, the OECD hosts multiple public events relating to anti-corruption and integrity. These events bring together stakeholders from government, academia, business, trade and civil society to engage in dialogue on policy, best practices, and recent developments in the fields of integrity and anti-corruption.

Debates will review existing anti-corruption mechanisms across the investment policy cycle and explore good practices in mitigating corruption and ensuring that investment remains pertinent and efficient for stakeholders.

The topics on the agenda this year include: How corruption puts the brakes on growth, When special interests hijack the public good, Trust and business, playing by the (new) rulebook, The anti-corruption clause: giving claws to investment treaties, Concrete measures for corruption-free infrastructure investment and many other.

The event will take place in Paris on 23-25 March 2015.


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